What is the best food for a dog?

If you want your dog to have a healthy diet, this is easier than you may think. We will tell you what dogs love, for you to make it tasty and good for them.
Do you know if he likes salty, sweet, or bitter food? Do you know which food they shouldn’t eat? If the answer is no, keep reading these bits of advice of what is the best food for a dog.

Which foods do dogs like?

Foods dogs like

Even do the tastes of your dog may be determined by his ancestors, there exists also a difference according to the specific characteristics of your dog, according to his personality and habits.

A large part of the preferences of your dog develops in relation to what he has eaten, therefore if your dog has eaten plenty of products, he will have a more varied palate. But, we have to be careful about which foods he likes to eat because his preferences can be harmful to his health.

Have in mind that dogs are omnivorous with a carnivorous preference. So, dogs are more likely to eat non-meat products in comparison to cats. Because of their nature, they will normally prefer simple and salty foods.

An excellent option is to give humid food to your dog because these have greater texture and smell, so it will bring easily the attention of your dog.

If we talk about their preference for animal proteins, dogs appear to be more inclined to consuming red meat rather than fish. Therefore, if you let him choose, he will probably choose red meat, which is not so good for him.

dog food

According to many vets, besides the particular tastes of every dog, they mostly like meat like cow, pig, lamb, and chicken. Another factor of influence is the food that their owners eat. Therefore, dogs will be tempted to eat sweets, dairy, or any other food that his owner eats. However, those foods won’t necessarily satisfy their necessities and therefore can end up being counterproductive for them.

Dogs are more demanding in what respects to fruits and vegetables, but they appear to be attracted for those that are rich in fiber or that are more juicy, for example, apples, bananas, or carrots. The preference of dogs for humid foods is also evident when they have to choose between dried foods or humid foods, preferring in the majority of the cases humid food.

If your dog looks for food in the trash or eats decomposed meat(from a dead animal for example), this can be because they have wolves as ancestors( that are merely hunters), also they are related with coyotes, that are also scavengers. But, this can depend on the facet that is most developed in your dog.

The importance of smell

dog smell

The smell, either in dogs or humans, is strongly connected with the sense of taste. This is not only a criterion of selection but one of protection because smell indicates the animal if the food is in a good state or if it is toxic.

Dogs have nearly 220 millions of olfactory cells, therefore they have a very different experience than the one we can perceive with our smell. Try to give them foods that are attractive to their noses, this way they will devour all that they have in their plate.

Food that dogs don’t like

Contrary to their preference for salty foods, bitter flavors repeal them immediately. This is the reason because it is so difficult for them to eat some types of medications. The memory also has to do with foods that they don’t like, therefore, if when eating something a dog experiences some type of negative experience( disease, bad mouth flavor, etc), the next time that dog will reject that food.

Therefore, you should remember these ideas, and mix the foods that they like with those that are convenient for them. This way it will be easier to take care of them and preserve their health.

Best Brands

These are all brands that are respected and of good quality. Look for products from these brands, and you surely can have excellent food for your pet. Also, you may try looking for specific ingredients that can be beneficial for your dog specifically. For example, if your dog has some disease, it would be great to give him those ingredients that will be beneficial for them. Always consider the specific necessities of your dog, and don’t be afraid of changing his food if he doesn’t like it. He will surely thank you!

What is the best food for dogs with overweight?

Dogs can face overweight as humans do. This is a problem that comes from eating too much and not doing enough exercise. It is important for the control of overweight, to select specific food for this problem.

These are some of the best brands with specific products to control overweight:

 What is the best food for dogs with arthritis or problems in the bones?

You may notice that your dog moves less, has fear to jump, is tired, complains of some pain in his leg, or that he simply doesn’t run. If you have noticed this, you may be in the presence of a problem in the articulations that may end up becoming arthritis. When dogs become older, they may face these problems, but remember that overweight is one of the main factors leading to arthritis.

Anyway, we leave you here some brands with specific products to treat arthritis and problems in the articulations of dogs.

Some basic aspects of dog food

Dogs have fewer taste buds than humans. It is known that they can differentiate between sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Probably their sensibility let them differentiate between “I love it”, “I like it, ” and ” I find it indifferent”. They show easily preference for some food and reject others. In fact, they normally show very defined tastes and rejections and not always the most expensive meals are the tastiest for them.

Today, the law requires manufacturers to place in their containers a list of all the used ingredients, although this only tells us a rough idea of the quality of the food. For example, the proteins presented in the food for dogs can proceed from products derivated from cow, birds, fish, soy, and of cereals like corn and wheat. These sources of protein are not from the same quality or digestibility.

If the name of the product contains the words “cow meat, chicken, lamb, or fish…” 95% of the dry weight of the product should contain this protein source.

A diet of quality should have an adequate equilibrium of essential amino acids, that in the case of the dogs are ten. To achieve this equilibrium, the food needs to contain an adequate equilibrium between animal and vegetable proteins.

If your dog doesn’t have enough amino acids, he will have a lack of appetite, an alteration of growth, and other symptoms like the apparition of gray hairs in the mantle or low levels of hemoglobin.


  • The tastes of our dog may make him eat something that is prejudicial for him.
  • The sense of smell is very important for dogs.
  •  Dogs are omnivorous, with a carnivorous preference.
  • There are many types of dog food in the market, with different prices and qualities.
  • The manufacturers should provide information about the used ingredients.
  • It is important to select food that has an adequate equilibrium of nutrients.
  • According to the specific necessities of our dog, we may give him specific food or treats.

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