7 errors and tips when walking your dog

Whether you are in a park or in a street, your dog needs your attention and your care.  He needs to socialize correctly with other pets; also you should avoid pulling the leash too much. Also, please educate your dog to be calmed while walking with you, because anxiety is never convenient and can be suffering for your dog.

Errors at walking your dog

Even more, than simply doing his necessities, a dog needs to get out of the house to spend its energies, breath fresh air, socialize with other animals, and do exercise.

As owners, many times we commit errors when walking our dogs. This can be mainly because of a lack of information. So, in this article, we will show you some tips when walking your dog.

Typical errors when walking your Dog

Walking with your Dog

Probably, it has been a long time that you keep a routine of walking with your dog. But, there still can be things that you may be doing wrong. Pay attention to these common errors when walking your dog.

1. Not letting him sniff

The sense of the smell is very important for dogs because with it dogs can orient themselves, find food, identify a person, or even prevent threats. When our dog smells trash, waste from other animals, or any other thing that is in the street, we automatically pull from the leash to keep him away.

However, we should let him sniff its environment, and let him be in contact with the ‘smells’ of nearby dogs. Although you don’t believe it, this habit not only helps him comprehend its environment but also relax.

2. Not picking up feces

No feces dogs

You may have forgotten your plastic bag, you may not have time, or it can be disgusting for you… Picking up the feces of our pets isn’t the prettiest activity, but we should do it to keep clean our parks and streets. Also, you avoid the contagion of diseases, the bad smells, or even you avoid the possibility of someone else stepping on it.

3. Pulling from its leash 

Pulling from leash

Although your pet may be pulling excessively from its leash, you won’t achieve much if you make the contrary force to bring him to your side. Dogs can be very stubborn! Also, some large breeds have the capacity of pulling people because of their strength.

Also, you should know that pulling off the leash is not good for his health, because he may face stress, throat problems, and intraocular pressure. How to avoid this situation? Teach him to walk always by your side, put him a special harness, or use an extendable leash.

4. Let him go free in the park


One of the typical errors when walking dogs is that once we go to a park, we take him out his leash for him to ‘run freely’.

This can be pretty and ideal when the animal doesn’t like to be at home too much time or he doesn’t make much exercise, but it also can become a problem for the pets that are nearby.

This habit can be stressing for the other animals, dangerous for little kids, and even prejudicial for your own pet. If he is not calmed down, don’t let him go freely: wait until he is calmed down before freeing him.

5. Not exercising with him

Instead of freeing him and let him run desperately, why you don’t exercise with your pet? You can start walking for some streets, then jogging, and if you like, get into your bicycle and bring your pet at your side keeping up with you.

Exercise with dog

If you need any help to exercise with your dog, Fitbark can help you out. You can monitor the health of your dog and also yours because it is better to exercise with a friend. Check it out down here.

FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

6. Avoid socialization

A dog that doesn’t socialize has more probabilities of suffering anxieties, fear, or stress; therefore, it is fundamental for him to be in contact with other animals from an early age. The park is an ideal place for this, but with some conditions.

Dogs socializing

First, you don’t have to force your dog to be a friend of other pets; Pets should approach little by little to meet each other, smell themselves, and feel comfortable. Maybe the first time they won’t pay much attention to each other, but the next times, they will recognize and even play with each other.

Remember that dogs of large breeds should no socialize with the small ones because they can harm them innocently during the games. Therefore, a Rottweiler with a Yorkshire probably isn’t a good combination

7. Not paying attention to your dog

In the end, one of the typical errors when walking your dog is not seeing its movements or actions. Owners may be distracted by other people in the park, or simply get distracted at their cellphones. These are common distractions that don’t let people act on time if there is a fight or problem.

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