How Do You Stop A Dog Fight?

When we see two animals that are fighting, we can despair and may want to separate them any way possible. However, this can bring negative consequences for them as well as for us. This is why in this article we will show you how do you stop a dog fight.Stop Dog Fight

Some tips to stop a dog fight

Before anything, it would be great to know how to avoid a dog fight. We should see at the interaction that the dogs have to see if they are becoming more nervous every time, if they snarl or show their teeth, or if instead of playing they attack to the neck. In these cases, it is necessary to have our dog with a leash, to move it away from the place quickly.

How do you stop a dog fight

Many times a game may pass from calmed to rude, other times two males may fight to show their leadership, there are also fights for food, for a female, or for puppies. People want to separate them but on some circumstances, we may end injured.  Pay attention to the following recommendations to stop a dog fight:

1. Keep Calm

This is fundamental because nerves don’t let you think or act well during fights. Most fights between two dogs last only a few seconds, this is why it is better to resist the temptation of pulling the leash immediately. In an instinctive manner, your dog may rotate and bite you. So, it is better to breathe profoundly and count until 10 before intervening.

2. Make noise

A good technique to separate two dogs that are fighting is to frighten them. This way they will pay attention to another thing and will stop biting or snarling. You can shout, applaud, stomp on the ground, or hit two metal cans together.

3. Wet them 

Wet Dog

Water brings the attention of dogs, and also many don’t like much to be wet. You may use a hose, a cup, a bottle, or anything you have with you( if you go to the park, for example, carry a water bottle always with you if your dog tends to fight). Water won’t be harmful, and it will stop their fighting.

4. Place a barrier

Search near you something that may help you to separate them, for example, use wood, a large piece of cardboard, a long stick, or the lid of a trash can. Anything that may serve as a shield for your arm( so they won’t bite you) and that can also separate them.

5. Throw a blanket

If one of the dogs cannot see its opponent, he will stop the fight. Also, the other one may avoid any attack, because he doesn’t understand what is happening. You may use a blanket, a coat, or any garment that is made of opaque material. The covered dog will focus on getting rid off that cloth, and meanwhile the other can be withdrawn by his owner or distracted to bring him to another place.

6. Pull from the dog’s tail

Dog Tail

Have a lot of care with this action because the dog may instinctively try to bite you. This is a proven and efficient technique to stop a fight. Pull from the tail strongly backward and upwards, but not so much as to hurt him. Remember that in the tail there are bones and nerves connected to the spinal cord.

7. Use your legs

It is not necessary to hit strongly the dog to separate him from a fight, but it is necessary for you to move him with some energy to stop the confrontation. This technique is allowed in the case that the person has thick pants and footwear( because probably the leg will be the target of a bite).

8. As the last resource: use your arms

If nothing before works or you don’t have any item to separate the fight, then use your arms. Raise the hind legs of the animal, as if he were a wheelbarrow, and take him out from there very quickly.

Once you have separated the dogs, you should keep them at some distance for some time. This way you will avoid if they try to fight once again.

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