How long can I leave my dog alone?

The general rule says that a dog shouldn’t pass more than 8 hours alone. Although, this can be different according to the age of your dog.

When we adopt a pet, unfortunately, we cannot be with them all the 24 hours of the day. It is very probable that the dog will have to pass time alone. Therefore, How much time can a dog be alone? Today, we give you an answer for you to take care of your pet responsibly.

How long can I leave my dog alone at home?

dog alone

When we adopt a dog, we want to take care of him and have him as a companion. This doesn’t mean we have to be with our dog all day long since this can result impossible in our daily life.

A question that arises is if it is reasonable to adopt a pet that will pass many hours alone in the house. An excellent advice would be don’t do it, but if you anyway decide to do it, then this is what you should do:

The age is key

I would like to give you a number of hours that your dog can be alone, but there are plenty of factors that affect the answer, including the age. It is not the same to leave alone a dog with one year in comparison with a puppy of three months.

A puppy will feel much worse after so much time being alone, and possibly will suffer from anxiety. You should have in mind too that the biological necessities of puppies are greater than those of adult dogs, so the less time a puppy is alone the better.

How much time he is with you?

You should have in mind how much time the pet is with you because if it is a lot he will feel like at home and confident, so he won’t feel so bad as a dog that recently arrived. If just after you adopt a pet you start to leave him alone many hours of the day, he can feel scared, abandoned, and sad.

Experts recommend adopting if the animal is not going to pass more than 3 to 4 hours alone during the day, at least during the beginning of our coexistence. In general terms, it is estimated that it is not reasonable that an animal passes more than eight hours alone.

What happens if our dog is too much time alone? 

How much time can a dog be alone?

A dog that doesn’t know its environment, that is not educated and that is a puppy, can present problems of behavior. He can start to bite furniture, shoes, and doors, and he can start to bark so much that neighbors can complain. These are some visible signs, but there are other less-visible signs, that we should also pay attention to.

These are the problems of emotions and self-esteem that an animal can face. The feelings of abandonment, of thinking that he is not loved, that he has done something wrong, fear to an unknown environment, stress, anxiety, and depression are the most common.

Also, being too many hours alone can affect their gut flora, and their corporal cycle, because they won’t poop or pee every time they need. An animal can stay eight hours without pooping or peeing, but it is not what is natural, so his cycles will change.

Also, you should have in mind that it is not the same to leave him 8 to 10 hours straight, rather than come to your house a few hours during noon. Also, it is not the same if those eight hours are during the night, because your dog will be sleeping and it will be easier for him.

Anyway, we recommend you that if your dog will pass eight hours or more alone, it will be better if a familiar or friend can visit him and maybe give him a walk or pass some time with him. This will make the time more bearable and your pet will feel better. 

Another option for you

Another option is to adopt a cat if you like. Cats are more independent than dogs as a general rule, and they don’t suffer so much if every day they are 8 to 9 hours alone in your house. Even better, you can adopt two cats, so they will be with each other and won’t feel so alone.

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